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System Administration - Web Development - Clouds FTW

Hi, Asyraf here — I was a student in Ungku Omar Polytechnic who studied Diploma In Networking. I'm looking for opportunities to diversify my skillset. I am interested in developing a wide range of skills in diverse fields that would complement each other in unexpected ways. So I engrained this idea to my lifestyle, and created a goal of learning one new thing in each month.

Currently I'm working as Senior Technical Support Engineer. Working here teached me the basic of becoming a good System Administrator and it provides a whole lot of resources for me to study and perform researches during my free time.

I'm hoping my journey did not stop here and I'm currently looking forward to explore more in Public Cloud Services (AWS,GCP,Alibaba Cloud)

Damn technology evolving pretty fast.

Ping me at [email protected]

Oh hey, almost forgot, I also got a personal blog here